Artist’s Statement:

My work is composed of the elements that speak of the wonders of the everyday.  Sculptures are built, assembled, and cast with familiar materials like wood, wire, metal, wax, and cloth.  I’m interested in the things people have worn, sat in, slept on, used in various ways.  I take objects apart, use the parts as raw material or keep the most emblematic detail to reconstruct into a new place or thing.  The new places or things are about political situations, emotional forces, human follies and obsessions, people inventing ways of making things with whatever is at hand.  The pieces take on a theatrical, prop-like character that refers to their own narrative, maybe that of a fairytale, or a page from the journal of a foreign correspondent.  I work with urgency and humor, and feel that the intensity of our lives is shown in the things we make because we have to and need to make them.  I believe in the mark of the human hand, and the beauty of human error.

-Judy Richardson

See Judy’s resume below:


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